Frontline Homes tackles housing deficit with Save to Buy initiative

n a bid to provide affordable housing and support the government to tackle the housing deficit in the country, Frontline Homes has launched the ‘Save to Buy’ initiative.

The programme is intended to simplify the process of acquiring land for aspiring low and middle-income earners in Lagos.

Seun Osigbesan, managing director of Frontline Homes, emphasized the critical connection between land ownership and the journey toward owning a home.

“Our vision is to cater to the real estate needs of Nigerians and beyond,” Osigbesan stated. “We aim to empower individuals by providing accessible land and housing solutions.”

During the inaugural annual sales summit, Osigbesan outlined the ‘Save to Buy’ initiative, highlighting its core purpose. “This program enables Nigerians to own land across the nation with payments as low as N1500 per day,” he explained.

“Our primary objective is not just land ownership but also empowering people to build wealth.” “Our vision is to ensure that everyone, including bricklayers, market women, and corps members, can become landowners,” Osigbesan emphasised.

According to him, the land is the foundation of homeownership, and the organisation aims to have 5,000 landowners in 2024.

The initiative promises flexibility in payment options, including daily, weekly, or monthly timelines. Moreover, it provides a personalized customer success manager to track payments and offer regular updates to participants.

In addition to Osigbesan’s insights, the sales summit featured guest speakers who provided valuable perspectives on real estate sales strategies.

Crystal Chigbu, executive director of Irede Foundation, stressed the significance of building networks and leveraging technology to enhance sales effectiveness.

“We need to make sure that we take advantage of all the different forms of technology that exist with us to be able to drive the products that we sell.”

According to her, in that way, the organisation will be able to drive awareness, that is, “people get to know about the product, and they can even go ahead to reach more people because of technology.”

Meanwhile, Oby Nnadi, team lead at Thryve Network, offered advice on coping mechanisms for salespeople, particularly in managing rejection.

“Emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and regulation are adaptive coping mechanisms that help salespeople handle rejection better,” Nnadi emphasized.

Obinna Udensi, Frontline Homes’ chief operating officer, highlighted the ‘Save to Buy’ initiative’s advantages, including access to healthcare benefits and life insurance for participants.

“We aim to make land ownership easy and accessible for every income earner,” Udensi affirmed. “With ‘Save to Buy,’ individuals can buy land for as low as N1,500 and receive health coverage and life insurance.”

“The ‘Save to Buy’ initiative aspires to not only facilitate land ownership but also protect participants against unforeseen circumstances, Obinna said.

“The initiative aspires to not only facilitate land ownership but also protect participants against unforeseen circumstances.”

“We aim to create a supportive environment for aspiring homeowners, ensuring their well-being and financial security throughout the land acquisition process.”

Source: Business Day Newspaper Publication